What is a micrometer screw gauge?

Answer A micrometer screw gauge is a tool used for precisely measuring the size of small objects. It consists of calipers adjusted via a very finely threaded screw. Since micrometer screw gauges can relia... Read More »

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What Is a Micrometer Screw?

The term micrometer screw generally applies to a matched ultra fine thread screw and nut integration that is used to provide extremely precise axial linear positioning as a result of turning the sc... Read More »

Who invented the screw gauge?

William Gascoigne invented the screw gauge. Gascoigne was a 17th-century English mathematician and astronomer. His invention was fully called the micrometer screw gauge, but it is often called both... Read More »

What is a screw pitch gauge used for?

A screw pitch gauge is a tool used to measure internal and external distance between threads, or pitch, in decimal units. Metric sets are used to measure metric thread pitch.Source:Hose Shop: Fitti... Read More »

The screw on my eyeglasses came out...(ultra tiny screw) anyone know of a tool small enough to screw it in?

Everyone is right...they sell little eyeglass repair kits at most drug stores. I've even seen them at the check-out at some grocery stores. Don't lose that screw though. The screws in those kits... Read More »