What kind of microbe causes hepatitis C?

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What's the difference between an antigen and a microbe (in the immune response)?

First, a couple of definitions.A microbe is a generic term for any microscopic organism, typically referring to bacteria and viruses. Most bacteria do not generate an immune response (antibody pro... Read More »

How can you prove that cold are caused by a different microbe to flu using Robert Koch's principle?

Four criteria that were established by Robert Koch to identify the causative agent of a particular disease, these include: 1 the microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of th... Read More »

What does What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us mean?

It means that who we are and how we act, what we do, mean more then our past or our future. they were our decisions, smart or dumb, but they arent US. or, what we have done, or what we will do in t... Read More »

On dish network what day what channel and what time does the secret life of the American teenager come on?

If you are asking whether or not we have a Corporate office in the middle east, the answer is NO, DISH Network does not have a corporate office located in the middle east. Our corporate office is l... Read More »