What is a metering device on a refrigerator?

Answer A metering device on a refrigerator is usually a capillary(cap)tube.It is a very small copper line located somewhere between the condenser coils(outside-hot)and the evaporator coils(cooling coils).... Read More »

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What Is a Refrigerant Metering Device?

Correct refrigerant flow in everything from your refrigerator to your air-conditioner ensures maximum efficiency and equipment life. The refrigerant metering device maintains the proper flow of ref... Read More »

What the hell is metering?

please dont use that language in the forums.Wireless carriers measure you voice minutes, texting, and data usage.... its also called Metering.... they do this so they can accurately bill you every ... Read More »

What is matrix or zone metering in photography?

Metering that mixes the results of several points around the central area of the focusing screen and presents one value that represents an aperture/shutter combination to use. To say these points a... Read More »

I want to record live music (guitar, vocals etc) using a portable digital device. What device is best to use?

I have a Firepod by Presonus with recording software from Cubase. It's like having a professional recording studio tied to your home computer.If you care, I have a website at Read More »