What is a meter for in photography and what is white balance about?

Answer A meter measures the light coming into the camera to decide what the correct exposure (aperture and shutter speed) should be.The white balance is about balancing the colors so they come out right i... Read More »

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Does black&white photography date back to the origin of photography?

In the early 1800s black and white photography was all that was available due to the photography process still being in the experimental stage. The color photography process was discovered in the 1... Read More »

What is Spot Meter in photography?

It is a light meter reading of a small centralized area within the camera's field of view. I don't know what the angle would be for various cameras that have a version of the feature, but I can say... Read More »

Is auto white balance and auto tracking white balance the same?

Per my understanding the difference is that auto white balance makes the automatic adjusting of white balance only once at a time, for example only, when camera is powered on (and a blank white car... Read More »

How to Set the White Balance on a Nikon?

Perfect white balanceYour white balance helps to improve the output of your digital camera and you have one less thing to 'fix'. Read on to learn how to do it with your Nikon.