What is a mesh safety cover for a pool?

Answer The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warned that drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under five. It recommends taking multiple steps for pool safety, which may include... Read More »

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Is a full safety cover or one with mesh panels better and which is less expensive for upkeep of pool?

Answer Solid safety covers do cost more but have some advantages. They prevent most material from seeping through cover and have a filter that allows the water on the cover to drain into the pool.... Read More »

Pool Safety Cover Installation Instructions?

Using a pool safety cover is an essential part of owning and maintaining a pool. Pool covers minimize evaporation, insulate the pool, and prevent leaves and debris from getting in the pool. A cable... Read More »

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to an inground swimming pool caused when a windstorm lifted the pool cover and debris ripped the liner?

Answer If the policy specifically covers the pool, yes. If there is no specific mention of the pool in any of the insurance coverage papers, no. Answer I don't think that there needs to be specific... Read More »

Are micro mesh pool covers good?

On One Hand: They let water throughMicro mesh pool covers allow rain and melting snow to drain through into the pool, while keeping out twigs, leaves and other debris. Unlike a solid cover, there i... Read More »