What is a merchant marine Z-Card?

Answer The Z-Card is a colloquial name for the merchant mariner's document, or MMD, a credential that authorizes a person to work on a merchant ship. The MMD began to be phased out starting in 2009.Appear... Read More »

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How to Apply to the Merchant Marine Academy?

The United States Merchant Marine Academy is responsible for training shipboard officers and shore-based support personnel to serve the transportation industry. As the United States presently impor... Read More »

Is the merchant marine part of the US military?

Dates of each branches establishment: US Army -----------------June 14, 1775 US Navy -----------------October 13, 1775 US Marine Corps -------November 10, 1775 US Coast Guard --------August 4, ... Read More »

Under which department does the US merchant marine serve?

In declared war, Merchant Mariners become Navy auxiliarists. In peacetime, we're civilians with no obligation to the military.

How much money does a merchant marine make?

A merchant mariner is also referred to as a water transportation worker. They can be captains, pilots or sailors and the average salary varies by rank, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statist... Read More »