At what age do you get menopause?

Answer The year following a woman's last period is called perimenopause. Once she has been without a period for a year, she is considered to have gone through menopause. Although it may occur earlier or l... Read More »

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What is surgical menopause?

After women finish going through menopause, they can no longer have children because their body no longer releases eggs. Although menopause occurs naturally in most women when they are between 45 a... Read More »

What are the benefits of soy&menopause?

Soy isoflavones are a popular naturopathic remedy for the complications and discomforts caused by menopause. Supplements and foods containing soy isoflavones offer several key benefits for menopaus... Read More »

What Is the Average Age for Menopause?

The average age for menopause is 51, which is the age at which most women usually experience the onset of this condition. It follows premenopausal, which occurs within 10 years prior to menopause.... Read More »

What Is Late Menopause?

The onset of menopause is a normal biological process that takes place within a woman's reproductive organs. Late onset occurs in women who have not experienced menopause by the age of 55. While th... Read More »