What is a memory card slot?

Answer A memory card slot is a slot in which you insert a memory card, usually in a card reader, computer, phone or other electronic device. memory cards are what contain the files and memory of the device

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What is an sd memory card slot?

As of 2010, many cell phones, laptops, digital computers and computers carried SD card slots. SD cards have become one of the most popular ways to transfer files between your PC and smaller devices... Read More »

Where is the memory card slot on a PSP?

The memory card, or memory stick, slot on a PSP is located at the back of the PSP, on the right-hand side. The internal battery is also located on the back of a PSP, on the left-hand side.Reference... Read More »

My memory card won't fit in the camera slot?

If you're putting it in the right way 'round, look in the Yellow Pages for a local camera dealer and pay him a visit.Best Buy employs salespeople, so they're unlikely to be able to help beyond send... Read More »

Put memory card in wrong slot?

if you have to put tape on a flash card to hold it in... you are not using a compatible slot/card combination.