What is a memory card reader?

Answer A memory card reader is a device that can access and transfer data stored in a flash memory card. With the device, you do not need to insert the memory card into its main component (such as a digit... Read More »

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What is an 8-in-1 memory card reader?

An 8-in-1 memory card reader is a single device that is capable of reading eight different types of flash memory. Although the list of devices it can read will vary between readers, you can expect... Read More »

What is an SD memory card reader?

An SD memory card reader is a device that enables your computer to access information stored on an SD memory card. This device can be connected by USB or comes pre-installed on some printers and co... Read More »

What is a USB memory card reader?

A USB memory card reader is a computer peripheral that connects to your computer via a USB connection. Users insert memory cards such as an SD card or memory stick into the connected reader in orde... Read More »

What is a memory stick card reader?

A memory stick card reader is an external, USB-powered device that allows your computer to read the contents of an inserted memory card.UsageNot all computers come with the appropriate card slot to... Read More »