What is a megger meter?

Answer A megohmmeter, or "megger meter," is used to test insulation. Megger meters send out high voltage at low currents to test the quality of insulation resistance in wires, cables, electrical motors an... Read More »

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What is a megger used for?

A megger measures insulation resistance in electrical devices. The megger measures how much current is flowing between two areas separated by insulation. The instrument is used in product safety ... Read More »

What is a megger?

A megger---also known as a megohmmeter---is a type of meter used to test electrical resistance in wiring, insulation and other structural components. The instrument derives its name from its manufa... Read More »

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How to Use an Amp Meter?

Electrical current measures how fast or slowly electrons flow through a circuit. The measurement is called an "ampere" or "amp" for short. To measure amps in your appliance, you would use an instru... Read More »