What is a medium-bodied table wine?

Answer On One Hand: Type of grapeA medium-bodied table wine refers to the mouth-feel or texture of a wine when it's tasted. It doesn't feel too thin or too thick on the tongue and its flavor is fairly con... Read More »

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What is table wine?

"Table wine" is a generic term used to describe the most commonly found grape wines and a legal term of varying meanings, depending on the regulatory body overseeing the wine's production and label... Read More »

How to Use Table Grapes for Wine?

Many grape cultivars, such as muscadines, concords and St. Pipins, are equally useful as both table grapes and for wine making. The key to picking grapes for eating or for wine making is to harvest... Read More »

How do I remove wine stains from a pigskin table?

PreparationTake an eye dropper, and put one drop of hydrogen peroxide on an inconspicuous place. Proceed if the peroxide does not fade the material. Dampen the stain with 1 tbsp. of the peroxide on... Read More »

Tips for Table Decorating with a Wine Bottle Centerpiece?

Whether you are planning an intimate wine-tasting party with friends, a formal dinner or a large event such as a wedding, wine bottles can add class and sophistication to your table. Use them in se... Read More »