What is a medical intern?

Answer To become a doctor in the United States, years of education and training are required. Part of this training is a medical internship or residency. A medical internship provides doctors with the rea... Read More »

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What Is the Meaning of Intern?

In the world of work, and especially for skilled professions, training and guidance by people experienced in your field are key to success. This training can take many forms, such as classroom stud... Read More »

Does HIPAA protect the right to access medical records even if the medical bill has not been paid In other words can a medical provider deny access to your own medical records if you owe money?

HIPAA allows patient access to their own medical record, with very few exceptions. Failure to pay the bill is NOT one of those exceptions.Added: HIPAA restricts and prevents the dissemination of yo... Read More »

Skills of a Pre Law Intern?

Pre-law internships give students the opportunity to consider post-collegiate life in law school, to observe lawyers' day-to-day work lives and to gain experience in a variety of legal tasks that h... Read More »

Job Description of a PR Intern?

Becoming an intern with a public relations company is a natural step for those wishing to pursue a career in PR after graduation. Public relations is an extremely competitive industry, and employer... Read More »