What is a medical insurance biller?

Answer Medical insurance billers create bills for medical services that have been rendered and submit them to patients' insurance carriers for reimbursement. There are certification programs available to ... Read More »

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What is a medical insurance biller's annual salary?

The annual salary of a medical insurance biller ranges between $24,999 and $34,723. The salary varies depending on where you are employed and the number of years you have worked.References:Pay Scal... Read More »

What is medical Biller?

Answer a clerical person who bills health insurance carriers for medial services rendered to a patient.

How much does a medical biller make?

A medical billing clerk earned between $28,044 and $34,046 per year in April 2009, and the median salary was $31,416. Factors such as employer size and years of experience can greatly affect these ... Read More »

Responsibilities of a Medical Biller?

The responsibilities of a medical biller center around managing patient accounts and submitting claims to insurance companies. Medical billers work on behalf of the medical or dental office or hosp... Read More »