What is a media sd card?

Answer SD cards are one of the most popular ways to transfer and store media, often used in place of USB devices, CD-Rs and memory sticks. They are easy to store and are usually inserted in a slot made fo... Read More »

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Is the Aluratek multiformat media-card reader compatible with the SmartMedia card?

The Aluratek USB 2.0 Multi-Media Card Reader, product name AUCR204, along with the Aluratek Combo USB 2.0 Hub / Card Reader, product name AUHR300, can both read SmartMedia cards. The other Aluratek... Read More »

Can I remove a flash card from a media card reader in Vista without stopping?

While you can remove a flash card from a card reader without following Windows Vista's "safely remove hardware" procedure, failure to eject a memory card properly may corrupt the data it contains.R... Read More »

How to Insert a Flash Card Into a Media Card Reader?

In order to use a flash card on your computer, you need to use a media card reader. This card reader connects to your computer (either internally or externally via USB cables) and allows your opera... Read More »

What is a media card reader?

Media card readers are devices that read flash media cards, often also called memory cards. These devices are useful if you have a device, such as a digital camera, that uses memory cards.Flash Med... Read More »