What is a media room?

Answer The media room is a place where people go to use the computer, read print materials, listen to music or watch TV. Media rooms are often found in schools, hospitals, workplace break rooms and commun... Read More »

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Everytime i open the via media app on my vizio tv it says "no media detected" what media can I use and how do?

This app takes advantage of a firmware update that activated the USB ports on the TV. You can plug in a USB drive, and the TV can now detect it and display/play media from the drive. On my TV it s... Read More »

Media Room Design Ideas?

"Media room" may have a different meaning for each person, depending on tastes and preferences. Many people feel a room centralized around a television is their media room, while others may conside... Read More »

How to Hide Wires in a Media Room?

Visible media wires can be an unsightly and frustrating problem. The cables and cords in a media room are not a visually attractive feature, and the intertwined wires can easily become a tangled me... Read More »

Basement Media Room Ideas?

A basement media room is often used by families as a place to gather and enjoy various forms of entertainment, such as movies, television and music. When designing a basement media room, homeowners... Read More »