What is a medallion of chicken?

Answer A medallion is a small, circular serving of meat. Chicken is an especially popular medium for meat medallions, since it can easily be cut into bite-size pieces.SizeTo create the appropriate thickne... Read More »

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What is beef medallion?

Beef medallion is a common name for small, round cuts from the beef tenderloin. Like all cuts of meat, the role of the muscle when the animal is alive determines the flavors and textures found in t... Read More »

What is a medallion cut of meat?

If you want to surprise or impress a special person, cook a medallion. Medallion meat cuts are usually tender and easy to prepare. Butchers refer to flat, circular portions of meat as medallions bu... Read More »

What is a medallion seal?

A medallion seal is a guarantee by member institutions of the medallion program. It is used to guarantee financial securities that are in the process of being transferred. The medallion seal certif... Read More »

What is a medallion in food terms?

A medallion refers to a circular portion of lean, boneless piece of food, particularly meats. Chefs often feature medallion cuts on their menus because they are fast to cook and ensure a tender pie... Read More »