What is a medallion in food terms?

Answer A medallion refers to a circular portion of lean, boneless piece of food, particularly meats. Chefs often feature medallion cuts on their menus because they are fast to cook and ensure a tender pie... Read More »

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What is the most efficient - in terms of nutrition - staple food?

There isn't a single one which is why we are told to eat a balanced diet.There could be something in science which could make such a thing. In the early years of space programmes NASA and others wo... Read More »

How big should a ceiling medallion be?

On One Hand: The Light Fixture is Your GuideA ceiling medallion is the perfect finishing touch for a light fixture or ceiling fan. The available sizes of medallions range from 4 inches all the way ... Read More »

What is a medallion cut of meat?

If you want to surprise or impress a special person, cook a medallion. Medallion meat cuts are usually tender and easy to prepare. Butchers refer to flat, circular portions of meat as medallions bu... Read More »

What is a medallion seal?

A medallion seal is a guarantee by member institutions of the medallion program. It is used to guarantee financial securities that are in the process of being transferred. The medallion seal certif... Read More »