What is a may 22 1917 secret service special 10780 worth?

Answer Yes. Under the direction of the Secretary of Homeland Security the Secret Service protects ALL members of the line of presidential succession.

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How much is a 38 smith-wesson secret service special patent may 22 1917 serial number 19343 worth?

"The United States Secret Service is mandated by statute and executive order to carry out two significant missions: protection and criminal investigations. The Secret Service protects the President... Read More »

Secret service special may 22 1917 32 caliber?

No relation to the real Secret Service- low $$$ handguns, most made by Iver Johnson for a reseller.

Caliber of secret service revolver may22 1917?

What is the age and value of a Secret Service Special revolver?

Most likely made in the late 1890's-early 1900's time frame. Iver Johnson made one with a manual safety on the frame. Meridian and Harrington & Richardson made them without the manual safety. The H... Read More »