What is a maternity belt used for?

Answer Maternity belts provide additional support, helping to relieve back pain and pressure as the uterus stretches to accommodate the growing baby. Proper use takes pressure off the lower back, hips and... Read More »

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What Can Be Used to Clean a Fan Belt?

Fan belts can pick up dust and debris through continual use. This dirt sticks to the friction-based surface of the fan belt and can cause serious problems over time, affecting not only the belt its... Read More »

What Can Be Used to Clean a Drive Belt?

Many people think that there is an easy cleaner that can be sprayed onto drive belts, but this is not actually the case. While the belts can be cleaned, it is actually the pulleys that will do the ... Read More »

What is maternity?

the state of being a mother; motherhoodthe character or qualities of a mother; motherlinessa maternity ward in a hospital

What is maternity insurance?

Maternity insurance covers the costs associated with pregnancy and delivery of a baby. Although group insurance policies through employers are legally required to include maternity benefits in thei... Read More »