What is a master service agreement?

Answer Commonly used in a wide variety of situations, a master service agreement is a legal contract detailing the duties and responsibilities of one party to another.Common UsesWhenever one party enters ... Read More »

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What is a master lease agreement?

A master lease is used in two types of commercial transactions: in industries that require the continuous leasing of various equipment, such as manufacturing or construction, and in commercial real... Read More »

What is a fee-for-service agreement?

Fee-for-service and profit-participation agreements exist in the marketplace to help businesses contract services.Fee-for-service AgreementsFee-for-service agreements occur between two parties, or ... Read More »

What is a software service agreement?

A software service agreement is an agreement between a software company and the user of the software. In order to use the software or service, the user must agree to follow the rules and regulation... Read More »

What is an "agreement to assume responsibility for service" for CenturyLink?

This usually happens in a business, but it may be used for residential today. In business, when someone takes over another number, they lay this clause on the new owners to cover any charges that ... Read More »