What is a master of public health degree?

Answer A Master of Public Health Degree or M.P.H is graduate level training in the field of public health. The MPH degree prepares students for careers in public health with offerings in several different... Read More »

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What does a job with a master's degree in public health pay?

On average, an individual with a master's degree in public health can find a job that pays between $40,000 and $70,000 a year. The actual salary depends on what job you have. For example, a program... Read More »

Difference Between a Master's in Public Administration & a Master's in Human Services Degree?

Students trying to decide between studying for a master's in public administration and one in human services should identify their career goals. While public administration is geared toward a caree... Read More »

What is a master's degree in public administration?

The Master of Public Administration degree is a field that specializes in political and business leadership. Every school program is different but in general the courses involve political science, ... Read More »

Information About a Master's in Public Health?

Public health is the branch of the health care field that deals with improving the health and safety of the community at large through health education, disease prevention and the monitoring of pot... Read More »