When do you pay a masonic lodge petition?

Answer If you want to join your local Freemason chapter, you must have a petition signed and filled out with other Freemason members' signatures. When you submit your petition, you must pay a fee. This fe... Read More »

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The Scholarships of Masonic Grand Lodge Charities in Massachusetts?

The history of the Grand Lodge of Masons in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts dates back to 1733. The brotherhood of Masonry has three basic tenets, namely brotherly love, relief and truth. A core... Read More »

How far is Cascade Lodge from Glacier Lodge in Whistler?

Located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, the Cascade Lodge and Glacier Lodge are roughly 1.7 kilometers, or one mile, apart if you travel by car. The quickest route between the two is Blackco... Read More »

What is the Masonic Bible?

Although men of all religions are welcome to join the Freemasons, the group is predominantly made up of Protestant Christians. The Masons place a great deal of importance on holy books such as the ... Read More »

What is a Masonic funeral service?

A Masonic funeral service allows Freemasons to remember their deceased members in a solemn ceremony based on Masonic rituals and beliefs. Masons have a duty to attend such services, and non-Masons ... Read More »