What is a mash vat?

Answer A mash vat is a large tub or container that is vital to the process of brewing beer, whiskey and other forms of liquor. It is made of stainless steel or copper and includes cooling tubes that allow... Read More »

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Which meal sounds better T-Bone staeck with mash poatoes or pork chops with mash poatoes?

T-bone steak with mashed potatoes are my favorite.

What is oat mash?

There are several types of feed that is given to horses. Some feed is bought bagged and ready to go, while other types of feed are made by combining different ingredients with oats, bran or barley.... Read More »

What years did Mash run on tv?

the tv series MASH aired from 1972-1983.

What else can i add to mash potato?

Roast a head of garlic and squeeze it into the mashed spuds.