What is a marius bridge dental?

Answer A Marius Bridge is a dental procedure developed by Dr. Yvan Fortin. The procedure involves creating a fixed-removable prosthesis for those who have an absence of bone in the maxilla and need an im... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Dental Bridge Failure?

Dental bridges are cast metal and ceramic prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth in a more permanent fashion than partial dentures. The dentist uses the healthy dentition around the missing ... Read More »

How large can a dental bridge be?

Thanks to the new types of bridges, which allow for the permanent implantation of one false tooth at a time, a single bridge can be as large as the complete length of a row of your teeth on either ... Read More »

Dental bridge vs. Implants?

I have implants so yes I believe implants are a better choice. I love my implants. You brush and floss them the same as natural teeth and they are just as secure. I hate the idea of ruining perfect... Read More »