How to Build a Marina?

Answer A Marina is a must for any maritime community. It allows for easy mooring of boats, and can be built on various bodies of water, including: rivers, lakes, and bays. Marina's can also be lucrative, ... Read More »

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Is there a marina on Dauphin Island?

Dauphin Island Marina is located on Dauphin Island, Alabama near Mobile Bay. The coordinates for the marina are latitude 30:14:788 N and longitude 088:06:763 W. The physical address is 650 LeMoyne ... Read More »

How to Cosplay Marina Kingston?

Do you want to be a saavy, sassy girl but don't have a role model? Marina Kingston (from the book "The Meaning of Life (or as written by Marina Kingston)) is perfect for this mold!

How to Make a Marina Playa Cocktail?

This tasty tequila cocktail is a fruity choice to fight the summer heat! As the name suggests, it's one for the beach.

Does anyone else think Natasha/Marina/whoever O'Malley has some serious issues?

OMG. She's so annoying. This board is for babynames not some fictional character. It's taking her like years just to pick out names so I highly doubt that its going to be good. :)