What is a map maker called?

Answer Map makers are called "cartographers" and they require specific skills and knowledge in geography, math and design in order to research, create, design, edit and produce maps of all kinds.Source:La... Read More »

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What is a cheese maker called?

A professional who makes cheese is referred to as either a "cheese maker" or "fromagere," the French term for cheese maker. An individual who sells cheese at a specialty shop or delicatessen is ca... Read More »

What is the pace maker of the heart called?

The pacemaker of the heart is called the sinoatrial node, commonly referred to as the SA node. The SA node is a group of neurons around the heart that causes the heart to beat at the healthy rate o... Read More »

Is there a maker of tractor implements called Hardee?

Yes. "The Original Hardee" Manufacturing Company started producing tobacco farm sprayers in 1956. Currently owned by EVH Manufacturing Company, LLC, Hardee tractor accessories are manufactured in L... Read More »

What is the arrow-like font on Windows Movie Maker called?

It is one of the two following types: • Arrows1 -- arrows1.ttf • Arrows2 -- arrows2.ttf.