What is a manometer used to measure?

Answer A manometer is used to measure the pressure of gases and liquids. There are several different types of manometers, but the most common type used is a U-shaped glass tube filled with mercury. The de... Read More »

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What does a manometer measure?

A manometer measures fluid pressure. Traditional laboratory manometers are usually filled with a liquid, such as water or mercury. Digital manometers are also available, and are more suitable for f... Read More »

What Is an Air Machine Manometer?

Manomters measure pressure (of gasses and liquids) and compare the measurements to the pressure exerted by columns of a known substance--usually air or mercury. Today most pressure is measured in T... Read More »

What is used to measure latitude?

Degrees are used to measure latitude. Latitude is used to measure north/south location on the globe. The Equator is given the value of 0 degrees latitude, with 90 degrees at the North and South Pol... Read More »

What is used on a map to measure distance?

A map’s scale measures distance by translating map imagery into real-world space. For example, one inch on the map may equal one mile in reality. The scale usually is presented as part of a legen... Read More »