What is a mandolin slicer?

Answer states that a mandolin slicer is a kitchen utensil used for cutting foods like vegetables, cheeses and fruits into slices of varying thicknesses. Salad ingredients and potato chips a... Read More »

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What is a slicer knife?

According to Chef's Resource, an online kitchen and cutlery store, a slicer knife or slicing knife is a long-bladed knife that's used to carve meat and poultry, and to cut sandwiches, fruits and ve... Read More »

What is a mandolin in a kitchen?

A kitchen mandolin (sometimes spelled mandoline) is a useful tool which makes quick work of cutting, slicing and shredding of fruits and vegetables. It is especially helpful when preparing hors d'o... Read More »

What is an octave mandolin?

The octave mandolin's longer, larger body, as compared to a mandolin, allows it to be tuned to a lower voice. It is good for playing songs and is used often in Celtic music.TypesAn octave mandolin ... Read More »

What is a Berkel 915 auomatic slicer?

The Berkel 915 automatic slicer is a powered meat cutting utensil. The slicer, which the Berkel Equipment company no longer manufactures, can cut meat, vegetables and bread into thin strips.Referen... Read More »