What is a mandolin slicer?

Answer states that a mandolin slicer is a kitchen utensil used for cutting foods like vegetables, cheeses and fruits into slices of varying thicknesses. Salad ingredients and potato chips a... Read More »

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What is the best mandoline slicer?

On One Hand: Inexpensive Mandolines Can Do the JobMandoline slicers can be expensive--even more so than a high quality chef's knife. However, the object of using mandoline is to produce uniform, p... Read More »

What is a slicer knife?

According to Chef's Resource, an online kitchen and cutlery store, a slicer knife or slicing knife is a long-bladed knife that's used to carve meat and poultry, and to cut sandwiches, fruits and ve... Read More »

How do I use a deli slicer?

Operate SafelyConsult the operator's manual for your deli slicer to ensure that you know all about safe operation of the machine. Clean the slicer thoroughly if it appears as though any food or deb... Read More »

How to Buy Your First Mandolin?

The mandolin is a small string instrument similar to a lute with a short neck. Tuned like a violin, the mandolin has 4 sets of double strings and is played with a flat pick. The mandolin has been a... Read More »