What is the height of a swan female&male?

Answer Male and female swans generally reach about 4 feet in height. The males are slightly larger than the females. The wingspan of a swan stretches over 7 feet, while the body length is usually between ... Read More »

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What is a male of niece called?

The male counterpart of a niece is a nephew.

What is a male zebra called?

Zebras are part of the horse family known as equids. Like horses, male zebras are known as stallions, female zebras are known as mares and zebra offspring are known as foals.References:San Diego Zo... Read More »

What are male donkeys called?

The donkey is a smaller member of the horse family. The males of the species are known as a jack or a jackass, while jenny is the name sometimes given to a female donkey.Source:Donkey Reproduction

What are male&female whales called?

In all species of whale, females are called cows and males are known as bulls. Their babies are called calves. One of the common collective nouns for whales is pod.Source:Enchanted Learning: Names ... Read More »