What is a low polar orbit?

Answer The term "low polar orbit" describes a specific height and orientation at which an object, satellite or spacecraft may circle the Earth.OrientationLow polar orbits are so named because satellites u... Read More »

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What is a polar orbit?

Satellites placed into polar orbits travel around the Earth or other celestial bodies on paths that take them over or near the poles. Each orbit of an Earth polar-orbiting satellite covers all the ... Read More »

What is a lunar polar orbit?

A lunar polar orbit is one that passes over the moon's north and south poles. This type of orbit allows a satellite to pass over the entire lunar surface over time. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbit... Read More »

What is a polar orbit satellite?

According to NASA, polar-orbiting satellites are satellites that circle the Earth in a nearly polar, or 90-degree orbit. Polar-orbiting satellites are useful for collecting information since they p... Read More »

Does dbs also known as direct broadcast satellite such as directv and dishtv orbit in a geosynchronous orbit and why?

YESSatellites in geostationary orbit have an orbital period that is exactly the same as the Earth's rotational period. This means that looking from Earth the satellite appears to be stationary in t... Read More »