What is a low-kill animal shelter?

Answer A low-kill shelter is an animal shelter that has been committed to euthanizing only animals that are fatally ill or too aggressive to be adopted.FunctionLow-kill shelters work to find homes for the... Read More »

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What is a no-kill animal shelter?

A no-kill animal shelter is governed by a policy of not euthanizing animals that are healthy and adoptable. There is no standard definition for "unadoptable" or "unable to be rehabilitated," which ... Read More »

What is an animal shelter?

Animal shelters are facilities that provide a temporary refuge for abused, stray and unwanted animals. Shelters assess an animal's health, treat pre-existing conditions, provide socialization oppor... Read More »

What do animal shelter regulation tags mean on cages?

Animal shelter regulations are posted on cages for inspection purposes to show that the animals are fed, and treated properly and kindly. They also show the record of the dog, including breed, age,... Read More »

How to Build an Animal Shelter?

Working with animals is fun--building a shelter to house them is even more fun!If you have ever wanted to start a shelter, you need to build one! There are dog shelters, cat shelters, bird shelters... Read More »