What is a loan note?

Answer Whether someone is applying for a mortgage loan, a student loan or a personal loan, important documentation must be signed before the loan is funded. The loan note serves as a contract between the ... Read More »

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How to Be a Loan Note Broker?

One get-rich-quick scheme being promoted in infomercials is learning how to be a loan note broker. This type of broker is the go-between for businesses who need additional cash flow with high amoun... Read More »

How to Calculate My Monthly Note Car Loan?

When you are purchasing a car, it helps to know what your monthly payment will be. All you need are the terms and conditions of your loan and your payment can be calculated using a couple of techni... Read More »

Is a Payday Loan a Promissory Note?

Payday loans and promissory notes share some features, but have enough differences to be classified as different types of financial instruments. Essentially, payday loans are short-term cash payout... Read More »

How to Sign My Direct Student Loan Promissory Note?

In order to receive any Direct Loans from the federal government, you must sign a promissory note for the loan. This note is a contract in which you agree to pay back the money on the student loan.... Read More »