What is a loan guarantee?

Answer A loan guarantee is the promise to pay the debt of an individual or entity by a third party in the event that the debt is not paid in accordance with its stated terms and conditions.Asset Guarantee... Read More »

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What is a personal guarantee for a loan?

A personal guarantee for a loan is an enforceable promise made by a third party to a creditor to assume the obligation for payment if the original signer or primary obligor defaults on the loan.Cor... Read More »

Does Completion of a Trial Guarantee Loan Modification?

A mortgage loan modification is a financial strategy that can help homeowners prevent foreclosure and loss of their real estate property. A loan modification may entail interest reduction, extensio... Read More »

What is a guarantee agreement?

A guarantee agreement is a written contract whereby a third party to a loan assumes liability to the debt in the case of default by the primary loan holder/debtor. The third party is known as a gu... Read More »

What is FPP NREF guarantee policy?

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