What is the small piece of metal behind my front teeth called and how do I stop the lisp?

Answer Those are bite turbos, and you just have to practice speaking as much as possible. Something I think works pretty well is when you're alone, read books aloud. That way you don't annoy other people ... Read More »

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How do i get rid of a lisp?

I had a lisp when I was youngSo I practiced my S soundsa lotmoreMOREIt is not easy...but it is worth itBy the way..My practice sentences have only ONE S in worked for me"Today I am going ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Lisp?

Don't be afraid to talk anymoreDo you ever get tired of people asking you to repeat yourself? Or when people laugh and imitate your voice? Or even when people think that you're purposely trying to ... Read More »

Prolog Vs. Lisp?

Prolog and Lisp are computer programming languages used for artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Both can handle many of the same tasks. However, the two languages take different approaches and ha... Read More »

How to Install Lisp on OSX?

LISP is a programming language that has recently been associated with artificial intelligence research and applications. This is because the nature of the language and its structure make it adaptab... Read More »