What makes up a lipid?

Answer Lipids are organic molecules that include fats, oils, waxes and steroids. Lipids are essential to the human body and are used by plants and animals for energy, protection and overall function.Organ... Read More »

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What kind of lipid is cholesterol?

A lipid is a fat cell in the blood with a waxy or sticky texture that attaches to the lining of the blood vessel wall. Cholesterol is a lipid made up of lipoproteins. Both low and high density lipo... Read More »

What is the purpose of a lipid test?

Cholesterol and triglycerides are found in the blood and a lipid test is done to check the levels. High cholesterol leads to fatty deposits in the blood vessels which prevents blood from flowing th... Read More »

What does lipid do for your body?

Fats are the primary high density energy source in food.

What iscomposed of lipid material and covers axons?