What Are the Basic Linking Verbs?

Answer A verb is often described as an action word; a word that expresses an action. For example: "run," "jump," "eat" and "sleep" all express actions. However, in English, some verbs do not describe an a... Read More »

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What is the theoretical justification sugar alternatives linking to cancer?

u dont want 'health sites', u want peer reviewed academic researchso use google scholar, then filter by date to something more recenteg…

What does it mean if facebook is linking people to my blog?

How to Do the Linking Pretzels Trick?

A simple but impressive trick of legerdemain involves the instantaneous and apparently inexplicable linking of two pretzels, ostensibly by the power of magic. The magician presents the two unlinked... Read More »

IOS app linking social networks?

No, not that I know of ? I can see what you mean though, It would be useful have all 3 apps in one app, all logged in to save switching and re-entering account details between apps