What is a light meter?

Answer A light meter is an instrument used in photography to measure the amount of light in an area or on an object. Light meters can be hand-held or built into the camera.Source:Dictionary: Light MeterKo... Read More »

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What does a camera light meter do?

A camera's light meter measures the amount of light reflected from a subject. The light meter interprets all light reflected in a scene, regardless of tone, as a value of 18 percent gray or middle ... Read More »

How to Use a Light Meter?

Learn how to use a light meter to get consistently exposed photos. The meter found in digital cameras evaluates the light reflected off the subject or the entire selected image area, depending on t... Read More »

An in-camera light meter is:?

"an in-camera light meter is" a device that built into a camera which measures the amount of light in a scene and is, in modern cameras, coupled to the exposure controls of a camera; ISO, aperture ... Read More »

How to Calibrate a Gossen Light Meter?

Gossen is a quality brand in the field of light meters. A light meter is a device that measures and displays the amount of light in a particular space or area. Light meters are usually used in phot... Read More »