What is a lifestyle lift?

Answer Over the past 20 years, plastic surgery (also referred to as reconstructive or cosmetic surgery) has become a popular option for those looking to appear younger or more attractive. Often, such proc... Read More »

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Does Lifestyle Lift really work?

On One Hand: The Lifestyle LiftThe Lifestyle Lift claims to be a way to reduce symptoms of aging such as lines and wrinkles with a much shorter recovery time than traditional plastic surgery. Inste... Read More »

Can you repeat a Lifestyle Lift?

On One Hand: Lifestyle PromisesLifestyle Lift, a registered surgical procedure offered at locations throughout the United States, is a facial-firming technique done under local anesthesia. The comp... Read More »

Is the Lifestyle Lift operation safe?

On One Hand: It is SafeAs of 2009, Lifestyle Lift has performed tens of thousands of procedures safely. Ideal candidates are men and women who are beginning to see signs of aging in their faces suc... Read More »

Difference Between a Mini Lift & a Regular Face-Lift?

The beauty field abounds with products to keep us looking young. But when facial creams and makeup tricks are not enough, many turn to plastic surgery. Today's consumer may select a traditional fac... Read More »