What is a lifesaver ive heard people say what it is?

Answer 1. A piece of peppermint candy2. A person in charge of rescuing drowning/struggling people, usually at a pool or public beach

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What are cons of tv that people have heard?

I assume you mean cons in the sense of (Negative Features) Fine! I was off TV in toto for over twenty years! I might look at it maybe once a month.- One hastens to add I am a writer. Since the ince... Read More »

What is the most annoying song you ever heard What about the Worse song you ever heard?

That one song Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz annoys the crap out of me....i change the station when it comes on the radio.I'm also SICK of Daughtry...they play the same song over & over again!

Havent you people heard of Google?

Hey, you are not alone but I didn't post this like you did because they post a question that we can just copy and paste right into google and get their answer in seconds. They do NOT even bother to... Read More »

Haven't you people heard of Google?

I could have write a book with all the stupid questions I have see here.My top 31. How much a Giga Byte weighs?2.Witch of my hands is the left one? 3.What can I do to bond with my hamster?