What is a lifesaver ive heard people say what it is?

Answer 1. A piece of peppermint candy2. A person in charge of rescuing drowning/struggling people, usually at a pool or public beach

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What are cons of tv that people have heard?

I assume you mean cons in the sense of (Negative Features) Fine! I was off TV in toto for over twenty years! I might look at it maybe once a month.- One hastens to add I am a writer. Since the ince... Read More »

Do you tip the people at Sonic I've heard different things about this.?

Choice is yours, but they do get paid minimum wage or better with experience and responsibility--just like you. However, you have the opportunity to have many different jobs and may choose to take... Read More »

Haven't you people heard of Google?

I could have write a book with all the stupid questions I have see here.My top 31. How much a Giga Byte weighs?2.Witch of my hands is the left one? 3.What can I do to bond with my hamster?

Havent you people heard of Google?

Hey, you are not alone but I didn't post this like you did because they post a question that we can just copy and paste right into google and get their answer in seconds. They do NOT even bother to... Read More »