What is a life insurance policy dividend?

Answer When life insurance companies are making a profit, they can share it with their policy owners by distributing a portion as a dividend. Dividend amounts and frequency of payments are determined by t... Read More »

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What is dividend-paying life insurance?

If you are looking for life insurance, you may have heard that some policies pay dividends to policyholders. Understanding how dividend-paying life insurance policies work will help you make the be... Read More »

Where do I go to find the status of an old policy with long star life insurance company if I have the policy?

Can CSV be taken out of a life insurance policy?

CSV is "cash surrender value" and is the amount paid if a life insurance policy is cashed out before the individual's death. Not every life insurance allows early cashout, so if you don't want CSV... Read More »

What is the best life insurance policy ..................?

there are too many insurance companies and different type of policies in the market. But purely its depends on your thoughts. first of all the best insurance company is LIC. Next depending on your ... Read More »