What is a lien on your house?

Answer A lien is an encumbrance on the deed of an individual's real property. In the case of a home, since the lien acts as a cloud on the title, the property cannot be sold or transferred until the lien ... Read More »

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Can an hoa place a lien on your house for building a pool if its in the rules that you cant If so I don't understand what kind of lien it would be All my dues are up to date?

Your detailed question describes a situation where you failed to honour the governing documents -- which you agreed in writing to honour, so the association chose filing a lien as a way to 'get you... Read More »

What happens if the condo assoc puts a lien on your house?

Read your governing documents to decide why the association has filed a lien on your title.Usually, filing a lien is down the list of a series of steps that the association can take to collect a de... Read More »

How to Find Out If You Have a Tax Lien on Your House?

A tax lien can be placed on your house by your local, state or federal government, which have the authority to file a claim against your property in order to secure payment of taxes. State and loca... Read More »

Can a judgment put a lien on your house in texas?

You can put a judgment lien on a house in Texas if you prepare and file an abstract of judgment in the county records. This is a written statement of what the debtor owes you. Take this to the coun... Read More »