What is a lichen planus?

Answer Linchen Planus is a skin disease that can appear anywhere on the body but is typically found on the wrist, forearms, ankles and mouth. It is generally found in middle-aged adults and very rarely in... Read More »

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Zinc & Vitamin C for Lichen Planus?

Often misdiagnosed for eczema or psoriasis, lichen planus is a nondetermined skin ailment that causes intense itching, inflammation and discoloration of the affected area. Lichen, which means "tre... Read More »

What is pes planus?

Pes planus, more commonly known as fallen arches or flat feet, causes the body to distribute its weight improperly, leading to pain and uneven shoe wear unless treated.DescriptionThe normal foot ca... Read More »

How to Dye With Lichen Moss?

Lichen dyes date back to the 16th century, according to the Web site, Elizabethan Era. These mossy, rock-dwelling plants were a cheap source of green dye for both rich and poor, enabling everyone t... Read More »

Moss & Lichen Removal?

Moss and lichens generally thrive in damp climates with little sunlight and poor drainage. Unlike moss, lichens spread slowly and don't generally harm surfaces. Moss, however, rapidly spreads and e... Read More »