What is a DFD diagram?

Answer A dfd diagram stands for a data flow diagram. It is a graphical representation of how data flows between processes in a system. These diagrams are key to structured analysis, which was developed in... Read More »

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What is a pareto diagram?

Pareto diagrams chart related items in relation to importance. The diagrams look like bar graphs but list the bars in decreasing order, with the most important factor starting on the left. Pareto d... Read More »

How to Diagram Sentences?

Complex Sentence DiagramDiagramming sentences shows you how the parts of a sentence are related. Once you understand the essentials, diagramming a sentence can be like completing a sudoku or a cros... Read More »

How Do I Design a Diagram of a Bar?

Rather than having a traditional, generic diagram of a bar, yours can be unique and cater to the specific needs of your customers as well as the bartenders'. In addition to thinking about the exter... Read More »

What is a cause and effect diagram?

A cause and effect diagram, also called an Ishikawa diagram or a Fishbone diagram, is business analysis tool, a way to graphically analyze the options, problems and possible results of a plan of ac... Read More »