What is a DFD diagram?

Answer A dfd diagram stands for a data flow diagram. It is a graphical representation of how data flows between processes in a system. These diagrams are key to structured analysis, which was developed in... Read More »

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What is a tree diagram?

Tree diagrams help organize information in a network fashion. They can be used to organize any type of information and begin with one main concept, which is expanded upon until a conclusion is reac... Read More »

What is a pareto diagram?

Pareto diagrams chart related items in relation to importance. The diagrams look like bar graphs but list the bars in decreasing order, with the most important factor starting on the left. Pareto d... Read More »

What is a food web diagram?

A food web diagram is a diagram demonstrating the interdependence among plants and animals for sustenance. For example, a grasshopper eats vegetation, and the owl eats the grasshopper. However, the... Read More »

What is a ladder diagram?

According to the All About Circuits website, ladder diagrams are schematics used to document industrial control logic systems. It has the name ladder diagram because of its resemblance to a ladder.... Read More »