What kind of lever is a wheelbarrow?

Answer Household devices are excellent for teaching children about simple tools. A wheelbarrow, for example, uses a wheel and a lever to allow people to carry loads much heavier than they could without he... Read More »

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What is the Lever congenital ambrosius?

I believe you may be referring to: congenital amaurosis - this entity refers to partial or total loss of vision.

What kind of lever is a hammer?

A hammer is actually a combination of two levers. To know what class of lever either lever is, you need to understand the components of a lever and compare them to the uses of a hammer.Components o... Read More »

What is a bathtub trip lever?

A bathtub trip lever is device used in conjunction with a bath drain. It is used to either plug the drain and fill the bath or to allow water to drain out of the tub.Trip LeverA trip lever is a mec... Read More »

What does a Class 1 Lever mean?

A lever in which the force arm is longer than the work-producing arm; thus the work produced is always greater than the energy used, with a resultant high efficiency.