What is a level 1 down comforter?

Answer The appeal of down comforters is that by design, they maintain your body's natural temperature. A level 1 down comforter, because of its light weight, is ideal for individuals who have warmer bedro... Read More »

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My dog peed on my level 4 down comforter, how do I get rid of the stain?

You use an enzyme cleaner. One such is called "Nature's miracle."

What is your computer knowledge level,school/college/professio… level?

College level coz i m still in an engineering level... havn't entered an industry yet.. so will be having professional level when i ll be there next yr...

Can the 1st level plumbing stack in a 2 level house be moved by cutting out a section moving it 2 feet and then reconnecting with right angle joints?

Answer Yes, you can. Although, if you move the end that you have cut and do not move the end at your roof penetration, you could develope a leak at the flashing. To prevent this, try moving the p... Read More »

Age 78 yrs hemoglobin level is 9.5 ESR is 48 Is the ESR level normal and what precautions are to be taken and what are its implications?

Your ESR level is pretty normal for your age: a general guideline is that it should be roughly less than your age divided by 2, or for a woman, age+10 divided by 2. So if you are male, it is a touc... Read More »