What is a letter of intention?

Answer A "letter of intention" is another term for a "statement of purpose." This is a personal essay about the writers' professional or educational goals, and is usually part of an application for gradua... Read More »

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How to Explore and Study Intention?

It "looks" simple enough - the baby intends to pat the dog, the dog intends to watch where the baby is putting its hand but at exactly the same time, keep an eye on the photographer. What is really... Read More »

Intention of policy document for manual handling?

Survey: If i were to take the last cold soda and had no intention of replacing it. How should i be punished?

I'd take away something you really wanted real bad,I mean real bad,and I mean real real bad,that should be sufficiant punishment,I say a spanking,but I prefer to recieve them than give them ;)

What if custodial parent leaves child with third party with no intention to pick up?

That action would constitute child abandonment in most jurisdictions. The third party, another family member or relative, or some other known and concerned adult should contact the court and petiti... Read More »