What is a legend on a topographical map?

Answer On a topographical map, a legend is an area where all of the symbols used on the map are shown, along with their meanings. The legend helps users interpret the features on the topographical map, su... Read More »

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What is a depression on a topographical map?

In topographical terms, a depression is an area of low ground surrounded by higher ground or a sinkhole, where an area of land collapses precipitously. On a topographical map, a depression is repre... Read More »

How to Assemble Topographical Maps?

A topographic map represents natural and manmade features that scale horizontal distances and vertical elevations. These maps determine the elevations of landforms and changes in elevation between ... Read More »

Who created topographical maps?

Since mapmaking is an ancient art, it is impossible to know who created the first topographical map. However, according to the Library of Congress, the first multisheet, topographic map series of a... Read More »

How Do I Calculate Distance on a Topographical Map?

You can use a regular map to calculate the distance from one point to another, but if there are hills along the way, the path along the ground might actually be longer. With a topographic map, you ... Read More »