What is a legal settlement?

Answer A legal settlement is a decision in a court case that resolves the issue among the disputing parties prior to taking it to trial. The settlement will determine the legal outcome of the case and the... Read More »

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Is debt settlement legal?

A debt settlement is a common and legal arrangement between a creditor and debtor to settle a debt for an agreed upon amount, usually a figure lower than the original debt. The debt is cleared once... Read More »

Are debt settlement companies legal?

On One Hand: Yes, they are legalYes, debt settlement companies are legitimate businesses. Instead of paying money to the credit card company, you take that payment and send it to the debt settlemen... Read More »

Legal Negotiation and Settlement Techniques?

The legal negotiation process goes beyond the traditional school of instruction and doctrine, but individuals can learn to successfully negotiate and reach a favorable settlement. The negotiation p... Read More »

What is this "legal notice of settlement of class action" facebook message i got about?

you didnt do anything wrong - facebook did - the email is just asking if you want to be considered in the class action lawsuit against them - the most you could get is $10 tho and you would have to... Read More »