What is a legal separation in Kansas?

Answer Legal separation in Kansas is similar to a divorce action in the Sunflower State. Indeed, a legal separation case possesses all of the elements of a divorce case in Kansas except for one factor. In... Read More »

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What is a legal separation?

"Separation" means a married couple are currently living apart. "Legal separation" means they're doing so under a legal agreement spelling out how they manage their finances, child custody and whic... Read More »

Information on Getting a Legal Separation?

Often, some married couples will choose a legal separation when a divorce is imminent. A married couple will generally seek a legal separation instead of a divorce because it gives the couple more ... Read More »

Legal Separation & Bankruptcy?

When an individual or couple file for personal bankruptcy, their assets become part of a "bankruptcy estate" that is overseen by an appointed neutral bankruptcy trustee. The bankruptcy estate will ... Read More »

What is legal separation in vermont?

In Vermont, the court may grant a legal separation based upon any one of seven grounds as set forth in the Statutes. A party must meet residency requirements and file in the appropriate county. Ver... Read More »