What is a legal loan document?

Answer When you are approved for a loan, your lender will provide you with documents to review and sign. These legal loan documents are beneficial to you by providing you with the information you need to ... Read More »

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What does'SS'mean on a legal document?

"SS" is an abbreviation for a part of the venue section of a notary certificate on a legal document, according to the North Dakota state government. "SS" stands for the Latin word "scilicet" that m... Read More »

In a legal document, is it yea or yay?

“Yea” is an old-fashioned, and now formal, way of saying “yes.” “Yay,” on the other hand, is generally used to express enthusiasm and happiness over something. Therefore, in most legal ... Read More »

Is a fax a legal document?

Yes, a fax is a legal document. The case Hofer v. Young, heard by a California appeals court, has been the model for all state handling of faxed documents. The fax is considered a "writing," and th... Read More »

What does"ss"mean on a legal document?

The abbreviation "ss" that is seen on legal documents stands for the Latin word "scilicet," which means "namely" or "in particular." It is part of the venue section of a notarial certificate, and i... Read More »